The mandate of this class project was to track everything we do and create a book about it. The challenge was keeping track of the main things in life like water consumption, sleep etc… It’s easy to stop tracking and create a fictional book on based on estimates, however I wanted this book to be as accurate and as real as possible. The approach was to create a fun and inviting book that not only helped me understand my daily habits better, but for those who don’t know me to look through the book and be intrigued and curious because of the layout, which is very comical. 

The five categories
Sleep → Im surprised I’m not a walking zombie yet
Eating habits → I thought I was healthy
water consumption → I’m actually really dehydrated
Money spending → I really need to stop spending money
Music → I didn’t know I was a koreaboo till I started tracking
The five doodles
Each character is connected to one of the categories, each with their own personality and script. If this book is talking about my life and habits, the best way is to add humor and what I love to do most, doodles.
The creation of the graphs
Each graph I created for each category has a meaning. The sleep graph is the zig zag line chart to represent the zzz when sleeping. The avocado chart is for my healthy eating habits and the donut chart is for my junk food addiction. The flow chart for water looks like a river flowing down. The trading graph is used for my money consumption and lastly, the music graph is the blob graph which looks like sound waves.
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