the mandate for this class project was to re create Dawson’s indoor signage on all of the floors. The challenge I set for myself was to create the main arrow and the floor numbers using a circular grid instead of the typical, squared grid, which in itself became a design. The approach was to use bright and eye catching colours to attract both the student’s and the teachers.
The making of the signage
If you are not familiar with Dawson, it’s a maze when it comes to finding what floor number you’re on and trying to find your class for the first time. In the beginning, I had to find two areas where I felt really needed large signage to make it less confusing for students and teachers. the areas chosen were the second level D wing and the fourth level G-H wing.
The creation of the logo
Once I had my two areas, the next step was to create the arrows and the number’s.  The construction of the grid was created with a circle and lines going horizontally, vertically and diagonally so that the corners of the arrow are perfectly aligned. Once I got the grid set up for the arrows, I used the same grid for the floor numbers, however the lines are positioned differently according to the number.
The end result
The final step was to photoshop the arrow and signage on the floors that I chose to make it look as realistic as possible. The end resulted in a creative publication that could be used in a future to make the hallways of the school more lively and stress free when it comes to way finding.
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