​​​​​​​LUQKY is a fictional poker set. The challenge I set for myself was to create a set that would be made entirely out of wood. A poker set wouldn't feel as rich or as classy if it were made with any other material. The approach was to create a set that would attract younger adults who are new to the game, which explains the modern look.
The making of several mockups
Before the creation of the final product, many mockups had to be made. Before creating foam core mockups, I created several 3D digital drawings and a dyeline. The foam core mockups had to be close to perfection before going to the woodshop. In the end I had 6 different mockups. 
The creation of the logo
In the process of creating the mockups, I had to come up with a name for the poker set that would stand out. LUQKY illustrates the look perfectly due to poker being a game of luck, but also the Q in the centre represents the Queen, which explains the crown. The diamond is an added element to represent the four suits Once the logo was complete, I created the deck of cards that looked different from the traditional card look, to add the modern look that I’m going for.
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